Kyleanne Hunter


I was the first female Cobra pilot in my squadron and served multiple combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I am living proof that gender integrated combat squadrons are more effective and efficient. In today’s social and political climate, I believe we need more women standing up for the importance of female service. While on active duty I also served as the Legislative Liaison Officer to the House of Representatives. I traveled the world as the military liaison officer to the House Democracy Partnership, actively showing how the military has a part to play in effective democratic organizations.

Since leaving the Marine Corps, I’ve been pursuing my PhD in political science, focusing on the importance of women’s integration into the military in today’s international security climate.

In addition, I’m a breast cancer survivor, choosing to undergo a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. I believe that my life is defined by my contributions to society, rather than my physical aesthetics. Since leaving the Marines, I’ve had a great deal of trouble getting access to care, as well as getting my benefits reviewed through the VA. For this reason I am committed to fighting for better access to care for female veterans.

Download a print-quality image (24 x 36) of this veteran’s portrait here.