Eileen Garlington


Since joining the Navy in 2002, I served in NSGA Sugar Grove, West Virginia; on the USS Enterprise, in Fort Gordon, Georgia; as part of an Al Udeid, Qatar communications team via Fort Gordon, and in Fort Mead, Maryland.

I am presently in the Navy Reserves, attending Portland State University via the CIPP Program with an expected return to active duty July, 2017. Overall my experience has been good. Support from my family has been key. The one downside I have experienced has been being overlooked as a female veteran.

When I was active duty I would walk in parades with my command and other veterans would ask me if I was a W.A.V.E., or when I would volunteer at functions people would ask me if my dad or husband served. I would politely let them know that yes, I am a woman; yes, I am a veteran, and yes, I am in the Navy.

Download a print-quality image (24 x 36) of this veteran’s portrait here.